Workout wherever with GymPact Anywhere

No more excuses. For real.

GymPact Anywhere uses your iPhone’s accelerometer to count your workout at work, home or outdoors. Just keep your phone in your pocket or an armband and hit 30 active minutes to count your workout towards your Pact!


Wear your iPhone


Exercise vigorously


Check out after 30 active min

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Anywhere tips and tricks

  • Pretty much any exercise where you’re moving, from pushups to pilates, will count.
  • Attach the phone to the part of your body that will be moving most. Armbands usually work well.
  • Use our sound cues to know when your minute counts - you can change these at any time in Settings
  • All workouts MUST have at least 30 active minutes recorded - we unfortunately cannot correct for shorter recorded workouts
  • Anywhere may not measure exercise where positions are held for a long time (sorry Yogis!)
  • Anywhere is iPhone only for now

Have more questions about GymPact? Check out our FAQ's!