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Living in an apartment can be challenging for several reasons, especially if you're looking to install a punching bag. You may have people living beside you, above you, or next door to you, not to mention your landlord is probably not that keen on you drilling holes in the ceiling.

When looking to purchase different types of punching bags or freestanding bags, you need to consider the bag's size, the weight, how large it is, and space you plan on installing it.

One of the biggest problems with installing a punching bag for your apartment is the sound it makes. Hitting and kicking a punching bag requires an extreme amount of force and produces a significant amount of noise, which probably won't make your neighbors happy.

With all that being said, several punching bags on the market make a good choice for purchasing one.

I've taken the time to review seven high-quality punching bags for an apartment that fit the bill. I look at each bag's highlights, the pros, and cons, provide you with valuable takeaways and even the bag's dimensions, all to provide you with enough information to make an informed decision before buying the best punching bag.

1. Firstlaw Fitness Spider Mount 140


The biggest problem with a punching bag for your apartment is the amount of sound they produce. The Firstlaw Spider seems to have come up with a specially designed mount that reduces sound and vibrations.

This is one of the best hanging bags for your apartment. It is exceptionally well-made with heavy-duty bearings and dampening springs; these provide not only longevity and durability but also sound dampening qualities.

The hanger mount is the only mount specially designed to allow the bag to move in a full 360c motion. Most punching bags only move up or down or back and forward.

Dimensions: 18 x 14 x 4 inches; 14 Pounds


  • The bag reduces sound and vibration
  • One of the best punching bags that allows you to move around 360c
  • Exceptional build quality providing durability and safety
  • An excellent punching bag for apartments
  • The bag is filled with a soft material helping to reduce sound


  • Mounting the joints may be an issue if you live in apartments or homes
  • Additional two-floor joints are also needed

Key Takeaway

Overall, the Firstlaw Fitness Punching Bag makes an excellent choice for those who live in an apartment and can mount the bag. The reduction of loud sound and vibration by specifically designed mounts is one of the critical pros, particularly if you have neighbors living beside or below you.

2. Ringside 100-pound Powerhide Boxing Punching Heavy Bag (Soft Filled)


The Ringside 100 Powerhide is the beast of boxing bags, weighing in at 100 pounds; it provides the user with an experience similar to that of a professional boxer. The bag itself has a 2-inch foam liner allowing you to hit and kick the bag with comfort; the foam lining also helps reduce sound.

Made of an extremely durable power hide, the bag will hold up to even the most extreme boxing or kickboxing workouts. The Ringside Powerhide Punching Bag also comes with a heavy-duty D-ring, swivel, and chain that allows for the bag's smooth and seamless movement.

The bag is filled with a soft material but offers a 100-pound bag's durability and is perfect for those athletes training for Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA, and Boxing.

Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 43 inches; 100 Pounds


  • The 2" foam liner allows the user to strike with confidence
  • The D-ring on the bottom is included making git easy to set
  • One of the best bags for apartments or a small space
  • The bag is hefty and durable with a heavy bag stand
  • Swivel included along with heavy bag chain
  • It helps to reduce injury on areas of the body such as elbows, wrists, and hands.


  • A hefty bag coming in at 100 pounds which may prove difficult for some people to mount
  • Although it does provide sound dampening quality, the sound produced is still quite loud for an apartment.

Key Takeaway

The durability of this bag, in my opinion, far outweigh any of the cons it may have. The longevity of a punching bag is probably the most crucial feature to consider when looking to purchase. The power hide material gives the user the confidence to hit and kick the bag in comfort, with the bag retaining its original quality.

3. Title Boxing Spacesaver Wall Mount Bag Hanger 2.0


The Title Boxing Spacesaver Wall Mount Bag Hanger 2.0 is an ideal choice for those who live in a smaller apartment or only have limited space to install the bag. The bag provides a 3-foot space allowing for excellent motion, giving you access to punch and kick all sides of the bag even in limited space.

The bag is designed for either in-house or commercial use and requires minimal assembly.

Dimensions: 18" W x 10" H x 36" D, Weight: Holds Heavy Bags to 150 Lbs


  • One boxed steel hanger arm provides support to any heavy bag with proven results
  • - 3-foot arm-length delivers the user with access to all sides of the bag
  • Attaches to wood and or masonry
  • Ideal for a doorway bag
  • Minimal assembly required, perfect for apartment living


  • Although requiring little assembly, holes need to be drilled, so check with your apartment or landlord before purchasing.

Key Takeaway

The big plus with the Title Spacesaver Wall Mount is that it can be used in a limited space and supports heavy bags up to 150 pounds.

4. Power Systems Power Force Free Standing Bag


The Power Systems PowerForce Free Standing Punching Bag is designed with a base filled with either sand or water up to a maximum weight of 280 pounds. The bag and collar are covered with a highly durable and comfortable fabric patched to nylon and cell padding.

The base provides a large striking surface, particularly beneficial for those trained in MMA and Kickboxing where both punching and kicking are required.

Dimensions: 31.57 x 24.8 x 16.54 inches; 3.99 Pounds


  • Three separate height settings help accommodate athletes of all sizes
  • Specifically designed with punching and kicking in mind
  • An ideal choice if you live in an apartment
  • A foam collar can reduce or decrease the movement of the bag
  • The freestanding bags are covered in a high-quality, durable material


  • However, the water base is stable but can move quite a bit if punched or kicked with an extreme amount of force.

Key Takeaway

The Power Systems bag does provide the user with several beneficial features, including the height settings, the foam collar, which varies the movement of the bag, and the durable fabric that covers this free-standing bag.

The bag is 77 inches high and provides the user with 65 inches of striking surface perfect for MMA.

5. Century Versys Fight Simulator


The Century Versys Fight Simulator truly is one of the best punching bag systems for a small space or apartment. This free-standing bag requires no installation, meaning it's hassle-free and perfect for a small space or those living in small apartments.

The best punching bag comes with a pre-filled sand base and vinyl out covering, promoting strikes and kicks with maximum force. An excellent free standing punching bag for users of all levels, the bag provides the chance to improve your speed, endurance, intensity, and overall fighting technique.

Dimensions: 60 x 10 x 10 inches; 13.25 Pounds


  • One of the most versatile systems available
  • An ideal apartment punching bag
  • Provides a heavy bag and speed, second only to a training partner
  • Allows the user the flexibility of training in the stand-up position or groundwork
  • Sizeable striking area and comfortable top handle helping the development of your knee-strike


  • This free-standing heavy punching bag can topple over if punched or kicked with an extreme amount of force.

Key Takeaway

The Century Versys Fight Simulator does present an ideal chance to purchase a punching bag system perfect for apartments. With no installation needed, the station heavy bag allows users to stand up or practice grappling and provides a real and health-enhancing workout.

6. Titan Fitness Power Strike Punching Bag

Titan Fitness Power Strike Punching Bag


The Power Strike Punching Bag is designed and constructed with materials and engineering that allows users to kick and strike with maximum force. The bag features an extremely durable top-hanging system with three nylon straps connected to hooks attached to a fixing that allows 360c movement.

The bag weighs in at 78 pounds allowing the user to strike and kick with confidence and knowing the bag is attached to the floor with the included D-ring. The bag is jam-packed with a soft poly micro-fiber sand filling that helps and promotes powerful striking and reduces noise, and reduces the chance of injury.


  • Height (including chain): 47.25-inches
  • Bag Height: 25.1875-inches
  • Diameter: 68.875-inches
  • Top/Bottom Diameter: 11.8125-inches
  • Black Bag
  • Nylon material
  • Total Weight of 78 pounds


  • The outer shell is protected by cross-stitching, providing durability
  • Poly-microfiber sand filling included foam padding
  • An ideal option for a beginner
  • The ceiling Hook, rings, and mounts are all included in the package, making it easy to set
  • Double-layer nylon for all straps and hanging mount
  • Durable and heavy-duty high build quality and heavy bag stand


  • The bag is not the quietest on the market and may cause neighbors' concern if you live in a small apartment.
  • Not as stable as a free-standing heavy bag

Key Takeaway

Overall one of the best punching bags on the market, in my opinion, as it provides durability, quality, soft microfiber sand, and is a robust 78 pounds in weight. With all the bells and whistles included and the high level of build quality, the Power Strike Punching Bag is an investment well worth making.

7. Everlast Standard Leather Speed Bag

Everlast Standard Leather Speed Bag


The Everlast Standard Leather Speed Punching Bag offers numerous benefits. It provides the user with the confidence, quality, durability, and design expected from the most recognizable name in the boxing/ MMA industry. Everlast has been manufacturing high-quality products for more than 100 years, and this product is no exception.

The bag is made from premium-grade leather and reinforced seams; it provides a consistent rebound, especially after forceful strikes or kicks. The balance of the bag is also a feature those experienced fighters will notice.

It allows for several upgrades as well with the Pin Swivel, Rogue Rig Mount, and Replacement Bladders.

Dimensions: Medium (9" x 6") and Large (10" x 7")


  • High-quality leather construction
  • Excellent for small spaces
  • Most recognizable name in the boxing industry for over 100 years
  • The seams have been reinforced to provide maximum durability
  • The bag is specially balanced to allow for a consistent and smooth rebound
  • Stylish black and gold design


  • A little high on price point but in saying that, well worth every penny.

Key Takeaway

If you're looking for a bag that provides quality, durability, and consistency, then this is it. Everlast has been around since 1913 and has a proven track record in the boxing/fighting industry.


As you can see, installing apartment punching bags or free-standing heavy bags in a small space can be quite challenging, although it is possible, as we've shown.

Consider factors as the size of your apartment, what floor you're on, do you have neighbors, do you need to drill holes to install, your budget, and finally, what are your fitness goals when using the bag.

Boxing provides an excellent high-intensity workout that promotes muscle building and fat loss and can offer a fantastic way to release the stress of day-to-day activities.

What to Consider When Buying a Punching Bag for Apartments and Small Spaces

male boxer boxing punching bag with dramatic edgy lighting

When looking to purchase the best punching bags for your apartment, there are several factors to consider. Factors such as sound, vibration, the material the bag is made from, build quality, and space are essential things to consider before spending your precious dollars on a punching bag.

Do you want to purchase the best free-standing bags, a doorway punching bag, a hanging heavy bag, or a free-standing heavy bag? If no one lives above you, I recommend hanging bags as opposed to freestanding bags.

Let's take a look at these factors individually in our bag for apartments buying guide.

1. Sound And Vibration

When punching or kicking your bag, the sound can generally be thunderous and not suitable for a small house or an apartment. Not only can the sound be heard, but probably more importantly, the vibration after punching the bag reverberates through the walls, ceilings, and floor, making you not very popular with your neighbors.

The Firstlaw Spider Punching Bag is a hanging heavy bag with specially designed mounts that reduce sound and vibrations. The bag also has dampening springs that provide durability but also have sound dampening qualities.

The Century Versys Fight Simulator does come with a pre-filled sand base and vinyl out covering, which also does an excellent job reducing sound and vibration. If you do get permission to drill holes, then using a larger bag is the best option as they are densely filled, and the sound is muffled.

2. Durability And Build-Quality

When purchasing any product, durability and build quality are critical components to look at, especially if you're thinking of buying one of the more expensive punching bags. More massive bags such as The Power Strike Punching Bag have been specifically designed for use in apartments and come with the added benefit of being 78 pounds heavy.

The Power Strike also comes with three nylon straps, D-ring, hooks, and a top hanging system, and is made of extremely durable materials that give confidence to the user, the bag will hold up over time.

Installing hooks or joints in your apartment's wall or ceiling is no small job; you need to ensure the equipment you are installing will last the test of time; otherwise, you could end up with some pretty expensive repair bills.

3. Size

Apartments are generally small spaces; well, I know mine is anyway; that being said, as you've seen from the listed punching bags above, installing and effectively using a punching bag or doorway punching bag in your apartment is possible.

One of the things, especially newcomers to boxing forget, is that you need ample space to hang the bag and move around it effectively, allowing you a good workout.

Heavy bags that come on a stand tend to need more space to install than your standard hanging punching bag or even the free-standing bags. An option to counter this problem is purchasing a free-standing bag with a weighty base, so when you kick or punch it, the bag won't topple over.

The other option is to buy a hanging bag or hanger with noise-reducing qualities like the Title Boxing Spacesaver Wall Mount Bag Hanger 2.0. This hanging bag makes an ideal choice for those living in smaller apartments; it also allows a 3-foot arm length, providing you the ability to punch and kick the bag even in limited space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Punching Bag Too Loud For An Apartment?

A punching bag for apartments tends to be loud by nature due to the massive amounts of force used while kicking and punching the bag. That being said, however, several punching bags offer sound or noise-canceling qualities. These bags tend to be softer and lighter in material and would be excellent choices for an apartment.

What Is The Best Filling For A Punching Bag For an Apartment?

Several materials are commonly used to fill punching bags: sand, rice, sawdust, fine clothing, and even a water core. Using sand in the bottom of the bag with compressed clothing on top is an excellent way to counter the balance while helping deaden the sound. Using a water core or PVC in the middle of the bag is another good option.

Where Should A Punching Bag For Apartments Be Placed?

You can place your punching bag in small spaces in your apartment. The most common, though, is to hang your bag on the ceiling joist. Then, put it in the middle of a room, which provides you plenty of room to move around and, more importantly, enough space for the bag to swing freely and safely.

Is Hitting The Punching Bag A Good Workout?

Hitting a free-standing punching bag is an excellent choice for those looking to get in a high-intensity workout. Kicking and/or punching the bag requires an extreme amount of physical exertion and provides you with a total body workout that's hard to surpass. Many professional athletes who are not boxers use boxing as a cardio workout to stay in shape.

Do Punching Bags Get You Ripped?

The short answer is yes; however, you must couple your training with a healthy eating plan. Hitting the punching bag or hanging bag requires you to move around exert force. It raises your heartbeat, providing you with one great strength training workout and cardiovascular training that promotes fat loss.