Never miss another run, walk or bike ride!

GymPact conquers excuses with $$$ as a motivator.

GymPact is excited to partner with RunKeeper! Make your Pact to run, walk, or cycle a certain number of days a week, and earn cash for meeting your goal, paid for by non-exercisers.

For the first 1000 users, we’ll celebrate your first RunKeeper workout that counts for GymPact with an added $5 in rewards. Here’s how:

1.Download the GymPact App


2.Integrate RunKeeper

3.Run, walk or bike with RunKeeper

4.Get $5 after your 1st workout!
Get GymPact with RunKeeper!
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Which RunKeeper activities count for GymPact?

  • All runs, walks or bike rides tracked by RunKeeper’s GPS
  • Minimum 1/2 miles distance
  • Minimum of 30 minutes of activity in which your pace is above 2 miles per hour (but slower than driving!).
    If in doubt, an extra 5 minutes of walking, running or biking never hurts!
  • Maximum 3 hours long