30 day weight loss challenge

30-Day Weight Loss Challenge to Kickstart A New You

Losing weight is not easy. But with. a little bit of structure and motivation, suddenly, it starts to feel achievable. It’s just one month, right? The key is finding something sustainable and having as much fun as possible. That’s why in this challenge, we change the workouts up and find metrics that matter. 

Let’s start with a few pointers.  

Calories In Vs. Calories Out

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Keeping things as simple as possible is to have fewer calories and more calories out. Everyone has a unique metabolism and will burn a different amount of calories each day. Those who naturally burn more may not have to work as hard to shed some weight. 

A pound equals 3,500 calories. Working out and eating the right foods will be significantly easier to shed quicker. Losing 1-2 pounds a week is considered safe in the health and wellness industry. Two pounds is really moving, though. 

Get Your Tracker Ready

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The easiest way to count your calories is to use a food tracker. Being dedicated can take some time, but one of the best ones is MyFitnessPal.

This allows you to search for foods, and they will come up immediately. You can even scan the labels on codes, and it will find the exact food you are eating. 

You can also wear a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or any other smartwatch that helps you calculate your daily burn and the calories you burn while moving. This makes it much easier to figure out what your output is and compare it against your input. 

As long as you are at a deficit you are doing great. Keep in mind you should be fueling your body as you work out. 

Your Diet Goals

Eating healthy should be at the top of your mind when trying to lose weight. While you don’t have to be incredibly strict with yourself, you should be disciplined. Not everyone knows what this looks like, so we will give a few examples of what meals should look like. 

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Clean Meals Six Days A Week

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You should aim to eat clean six out of seven days a week. Now don’t get excited. Your cheat meal will not be so crazy that you lose all your progress. In general, clean meals should be individualized based on how many calories you are burning through the day and exercise. 

But we can follow some simple guidelines.

  • Seafood and fish should be on your list if you have them. Keep it simple with no extra marinades or butter. Seasoning is OK, but the less, the better. This is a lean source of protein that is great for recovery. 
  • Chicken and Beef are great too. Chicken is slightly better because beef can sometimes cause inflammation. Keep it simple, just like the fish. 
  • Grilled or roasted vegetables are always a must at dinner and great for breakfast and lunch too. This is better than salads because salads tend to have croutons, dairy, and dressings that add up. 
  • Quit the snacking. If you are going to snack, try having a protein shake instead. Though high in calories or carbs, you may use this as a meal replacement for lunchtime. 
  • Avoid sugars in drinks and cut out desserts. These will chew up all your calories and are high in fat. 
  • Fried food and processed food are also a no-no. Too many carbs and your body doesn’t digest them naturally. 

Workouts You Can Do

Here is a perfect workout routine to get jump-started on your 30-day workout challenge. Keep the schedule so that you remain consistent with your workouts. 

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30 minutes of cardio with a bike, treadmill, Stairmaster, or elliptical. Aim to burn 100-150 calories. 

HIIT Work Out 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off

1) Pushups (can modify on knees)

2) Jumping jacks 

3) Squat jumps 

Repeat this two times. 

Second  Set

1) Straight leg crunches

2) High knees

3) Tricep dips

Repeat this two times. 

Cool down and stretch after completing the HIIT workout. Spend at least five minutes to regain composure. 


Time to hit the gym on Tuesdays! Getting your cardio in is important but today, spend 20 minutes walking uphill on a treadmill to also get your legs and glutes going. 

Ab Circuit 

– Dead bugs x 10 each

– Side plank hold 30 seconds each

– Russian twist X 10 each

– Leg lowers X 10

Repeat this circuit three times. Your abs will burn, so you can take a few minutes between sets. 


Youtube workout classes are great, and there are so many online to choose from. Choose a 45-minute class minimally. Here are some of the options to look up.

– Tabata

– Boxing

– Dance

– Zumba

Anything that gets you moving for the entire class is a win. We want to have high intensity and burn a lot of calories. 


Pick up a sport today. Mixing it up is super important, so if you can pick up a sport with cardio, this is a great way to get a workout in. It can be outdoor biking, tennis, basketball, or anything that gets you sweating. Whatever you choose to do, set the goal of burning 250 calories minimally. 


Time to get a strong lift in. There are so many reasons to do strength training. Not only does it tone our bodies, but there is a functional use to it as well. Balance and coordination are needed at all ages. A lift should have a push, pull, leg, and abs. Here is an example of a good life. 

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Chest Press with dumbells X 8

Squats X 10

Plank X 45 seconds

Next set

Dumbell rows X 8 each arm

Split Squats X 8 each

Oblique crunches X 10 each

You should repeat each cluster of exercises 3 times.


Repeat Monday’s tough workout! 


Take an active recovery day and spend either 30 minutes walking or doing yoga. 


Here is a section dedicated to frequently asked questions so you can feel confident going into your workout. 

Should I try the 30-day challenge?

Absolutely! It is a healthy way to approach your fitness and establish a routine. Getting into routines is the hardest part. This is a challenge that is incredibly healthy for you because you get a day of active recovery and rest while also keeping a clean diet. 

What should I eat on cheat day?

Cheat days can make or break your diet. The most important this is that you need to be reasonable. Satisfying your sweet tooth without killing your calories is important. Choose one treat and find a way to make it healthy. Protein pancakes are a great way to do this. 

How to start exercises for beginners

If you are a beginner, the best way to do this challenge is to modify everything. Starting too strong can cause injury. Try doing a lower number of reps and always Youtube the exercises, so you know you are getting the right form first. Being able to push yourself without hurting your body is important. 

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