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10 Best Adjustable Kettlebells With Buyer’s Guide

The kettlebell is a piece of must-have fitness equipment for all exercisers. Kettlebells can do all the functions a dumbbell can do and more! A single kettlebell can make a huge difference in weight loss and strength routines because of its suitability for both cardio and strength exercises.

A single kettlebell will get you only so far in your fitness journey. To continue progressing, you will need to continue adding more resistance. The good news is that multiple fitness companies have created a kettlebell that contains multiple kettlebells in the size of one – enter the adjustable kettlebell. If you want to know which adjustable kettlebell fits your needs and requirements, keep on reading!

1. Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weights

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Bowflex as a company is one of the best at exceeding customers’ expectations and creating workout equipment that is easy to use. Their adjustable kettlebell is no different than their other products when it comes to its easy-to-adjust approach.

The Bowflex Selecttech Adjustable Kettlebell comes in a wide weight range of 8 pounds to 40 pounds, which is the perfect range for any experienced exerciser. To adjust the weight to its preferred weight setting, all you have to do is turn the knob to the weight and pick up. The time saved during this process will give you more time to focus on the workout, leading to a high-quality workout result.


  • Easy to adjust the weight
  • 6 weight settings between 8lbs and 40lbs.
  • Weights stay inside and don’t have to be added or removed to adjust


  • High price
  • A large piece of equipment that doesn’t look similar to a standard kettlebell

Key Takeaway

The time saved adjusting weights with this high-quality adjustable kettlebell will give you more time to focus on performing your best during the workout.

2. REP Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell

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It was a tough call for #1 on our list because the Rep Adjustable Kettlebell is equally as good as the Bowflex one. Rep is one of the biggest home gym companies, creating high-quality workout equipment for an affordable price.

This kettlebell comes with multiple weight range options, making this a perfect adjustable kettlebell for any experience level. Similar to the Bowflex, the Rep Kettlebell uses a quick-turn dial and gravity to adjust the weight.

The Rep Adjustable Kettlebell comes in 3 different weight ranges: 8kg to 16kg, 16 kg to 24 kg, and 20 pounds to 40 pounds. This is the only adjustable kettlebell on our list that is measured in kg.

My favorite part about this equipment is that it looks and feels just like a traditional kettlebell. This is important because a larger or longer adjustable kettlebell will have more resistance and a larger range of motion. This can take time to get used to and can slow down workout progression.


  • 3 different weight ranges to select from
  • Quickly adjust the weight with the turn dial
  • Look and feel of a normal kettlebell


  • Small weight ranges, will have to purchase the next weight range up if you continue progressing
  • Expensive

Key Takeaway

High-quality kettlebell that gives more weight range variations to specifically help different levels of experience continue to progress in their fitness journey.

3. Stamina 36-Pound Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell

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If you’re looking for an adjustable kettlebell that looks and feels like a standard kettlebell, the Stamina Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell is the best fit for you. From the shell to the cast iron handle grip, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the two. The only difference between the adjustable and normal kettlebell is the pin and lock adjustment system on the inside of the shell.

The pin and lock system will save you so much time adjusting weight due to the ability to change weights within seconds. It is a simple as inserting the pin to the desired weight, picking up the weight, and letting gravity do its job. The solid wide cast-iron handle will allow you to grip the handle with 1 or 2 hands to make for a comfortable secure workout experience. A key feature of this kettlebell is the soft base plate that will protect your floor from damage when setting the weight down.


  • Look and feel of a traditional kettlebell
  • Weights are evenly shaped and distributed
  • Base plate protects the floor from damage


  • Starts at a higher weight than most adjustable kettlebells, some beginners may not be able to lift in the starting weight range
  • Weight rattles around in the kettlebell shell

Key Takeaway

This adjustable kettlebell is closest to the form of a traditional kettlebell.

4. Powerblock Adjustable Kettlebell

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The Powerblock Adjustable Kettlebell is one of the best-looking adjustable kettlebells. The smooth strong steel design of this kettlebell makes it a piece of must-have equipment for any lifter. This kettlebell uses a combination of the best parts of the Bowflex and Stamina kettlebells to make for a quick and easy weight adjustment.

The Powerblock uses the pin and lock system to select the preferred weight. Once the weight is selected, pick it up and gravity will do the rest for you by removing the weight from the kettlebell.

Personally, I like the pin and lock system because the pins are super secure. This gives me peace of mind that the weight is not going to drop out and hit me in the foot. I like that the weight is easy to read and select on this product. As we go through the list, it can take time to make sure you have the correct weight on other products because the weights are not labeled.

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Overall this is a solid kettlebell that has a range of 18 to 35 pounds of weight, which is perfect for intermediate lifters.


  • Pin and lock system makes for a quick adjustability
  • Gravity separates the weights making less work for you
  • The triangle handle creates a strong secure grip


  • 18 pounds can be a high starting weight for new lifters
  • Expensive

Key Takeaway

Solid clean adjustable kettlebell that is perfect for intermediate experienced lifters.

5. Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell

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Another adjustable kettlebell that takes a unique approach to feel and look like a normal kettlebell is the Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell. With the full weight on, it looks like a traditional kettlebell. As the weight comes off to become lighter, it begins to lose its shape.

Similar to the Bowflex kettlebell, this one has a turn-the-dial-to-the-preferred-weight feature. From there you will add or remove the cast iron weight plates from the kettlebell. This process takes a little longer than others to adjust but it’s still a quick turnaround time, that gives you more time to focus on weight loss and building strong muscles.

The weight range of this equipment is 10 pounds to 40 pounds in 5-pound increments, allowing you the ability to switch between light and heavier weight exercises without switching to a different piece of equipment.

The part that separates this from the others is the high-quality materials it is made of. The cast-iron weight plates will stay solid no matter the wear and tear. The smooth extra-wide handle allows for easy and smooth kettlebell movement during the complex exercises of kettlebell swings, cleans to press, and Turkish get-ups.


  • Easy to adjust weights with its sliding mechanism
  • Iron plates and the shape of the kettlebell makes this equipment feel like a standard kettlebell
  • Extra-wide handle for a comfortable grip


  • Iron plates are designed to have sharp edges
  • Can be time-consuming to correctly put the plates back in if you remove all of them

Key Takeaway

A time-saving adjustable kettlebell that looks and feels like a normal kettlebell.

6. Apex Adjustable Heavy-Duty Exercise Kettlebell

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Made out of solid cast iron, the Apex Adjustable Heavy Duty Kettlebell is one of the most durable and safest. Made for rough and tough exercises, this equipment will hold up over time.

This kettlebell is different than others in its locking mechanism. A twisted pin goes in at the bottom of the kettlebell and locks into the handle base for a secure lock.

What separates this from the rest is the weight spacers. On other adjustable kettlebells, the weight can be unevenly distributed during workouts that can lead to bad form on exercises. Apex thought this one through and added weight spacers to fill in the empty space to keep the weights from moving around during workouts.

The weight spacer will also stop the weights from clanking together and making noise during the exercise. This is perfect if you need to work out quietly in your home gym.

Another great feature is that this kettlebell will work with 1-inch weight plates to use as resistance. So if you have extra 1-inch plates lying around this kettlebell is right up your alley.


  • Weight range of 20 lbs to 50 lbs is great for intermediate to advanced lifters
  • Ability to use 1-inch weight plates as resistance
  • Solid flat bottom for stability
  • Weight spacers to keep sound down during exercises


  • Does not come with weights
  • Expensive

Key Takeaway

High-quality fitness product for those that already have 1-inch weight plates.

7. Yes4All Adjustable Kettlebell

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If you’ve been searching for the best all-in-1 equipment, don’t leave this kettlebell off your list. The Yes4All Adjustable Kettlebell is one of the most innovative products I’ve seen recently. Not only is the product a kettlebell, but it can be adjusted into dumbbells and pushup handles for a great full-body workout experience.

Very similar to the Apex Kettlebell, this dumbbell/kettlebell combo uses a rod with a spinning handle to lock the weights into place giving you peace of mind that the weights will stay securely in place during intense workouts. With a max weight capacity of 100 pounds, this dumbbell/kettlebell combo will meet all of your range of workout needs.


  • Has the ability to be used as a dumbbell and pushup handle
  • Spinning clip makes for a safe and secure workout experience
  • Low price for the amount of weight


  • Adding and removing weights can be time-consuming with a spinning clip
  • Unable to do a few certain exercises (clean and press & overhead press) because the screw that holds the plates digs into the hands.

Key Takeaway

This all-around product is great for those that want multi-functional equipment at a lesser cost than buying dumbbells and kettlebells separately.

8. Kettle Gryp Adjustable Kettlebell by Rogue Fitness

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Looking for a kettlebell that is portable and inexpensive? The Kettle Gryp is the one for you! The Kettle Gryp takes dumbbells and changes them into kettlebells. Not every gym has kettlebells, but every gym has dumbbells.

Compact and weighing around a pound, this handle will fit in backpacks and suitcases. To use this adjustable kettlebell, all you will need to do is open up the Kettle Gryp and wrap it securely around the middle of the dumbbell. This equipment will hold up a 50-pound dumbbell securely, a perfect max weight for most with a kettlebell.

The Kettle Gryp handle is longer than most kettlebell handles. This creates more resistance during workouts for great progression.


  • Ability to be used with dumbbells
  • Tightly secures to dumbbell
  • A longer kettlebell handle extends weight further out from the body creating more resistance during exercise
  • Compact, will fit in a suitcase
  • Lightweight


  • Dumbbell has the possibility to hit the body during certain workouts
  • Only can be used with dumbbells

Key Takeaway

This is a great product for those that already have dumbbells and travelers that are not able to carry their kettlebell with them.

9. Meister Elite Portable Sand Kettlebell

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The Meister Elite Portable Sand Kettlebell is the best-priced adjustable kettlebell out now. This kettlebell is at a lower price because the product is made of PVC and sand.

The use of sand weights is becoming popular in recent years. Using sand as the weight will protect you and your surroundings from damage if something were to go wrong during exercise. Using sand as a weight opens the door for more possibilities of exercises that cannot be performed with traditional cast-iron weights.

Compared to other sand-weighted exercise equipment, this one is doubled layered to keep the sand in the PVC-shaped kettlebell bag. The weight maxes out at 20 pounds but sand can be removed to make the kettlebell lighter.


  • Soft weight compared to traditional kettlebells
  • Inexpensive due to lack of metal
  • High-quality material that is leakproof


  • Does not come with sand
  • Time-consuming to fill and take sand out to change weight

Key Takeaway

This unique product is the best bang for your buck, costing around $20 for the bag and sand.

10. Hyperwear Soft Kettlebell

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Continuing with sand-weighted kettlebells, the Hyperwear Soft Kettlebell uses sand weight plates as resistance instead of iron weight plates. This kettlebell is one of the best kettlebells for your home gym because the soft weight protects products in the home from being damaged.

This kettlebell is made of a fiberglass handle that a pin screws into to secure the sand-filled donut plates. The fiberglass handle is shaped differently than most kettlebell handles. Instead of being shaped in an “n”, it is in the shape of a triangle. This position engages more muscles for a solid secure grip during exercises that require the use of 2 hands.


  • Sand weight plates that are soft
  • Quiet when in use
  • Triangle grip allows for more grip positions


  • Sand can shift while moving
  • The handle is bigger than normal handles

Key Takeaway

This is the best choice for those that need a quiet and soft kettlebell while working out.


An adjustable kettlebell is a must-have for any home gym. It will save space, it will be less expensive than equally weighted traditional kettlebells, and most importantly save you time in your workout. You can’t go wrong with any of the best adjustable kettlebells above.

For more information on what to look for when buying an adjustable kettlebell, read the buyer’s guide below.

What to Look For When Buying Adjustable Kettlebells

pexels andrea piacquadio 3837474 scaled

1. Weight

All adjustable kettlebells come in different weight capacities and ranges. Before buying an adjustable kettlebell, think about your goals and what you need to accomplish them. If you’re looking to lose weight or tone, adjustable kettlebells are perfect for high rep strength training. But if you’re wanting to build muscle, you might want to rethink buying one.

As a beginner, it does make sense to buy the lower weight and 3 position kettlebells but if you continue to progress you will have to buy a heavier adjustable kettlebell. It is key to buy a kettlebell that has a high number of adjustable weight positions. This will allow you to continue to progress in not just one exercise but in multiple exercises.

The weight capacity depends on your current exercise level. Most of the adjustable kettlebells max out around 40 to 50 lbs for safety reasons. That capacity is perfect for most.

As a personal trainer, I recommend not go past 50 lbs even with a standard kettlebell. If you’re going heavier than that on kettlebell swings or cleans, it’s time to move to the bar.

2. Time Consumed to Adjust

If you’re like me, you might not have a lot of time to workout and any task can take up much-needed workout time.

With adjustable kettlebells, you will need to look at reviews and videos online of how each kettlebell weight is adjusted because it could take seconds to almost a minute to adjust the weight and begin working out again.

The easy-to-adjust kettlebells are usually priced higher, but they will be a time saver each time you workout with them.

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3. Design

Compared to a normal kettlebell, most adjustable kettlebells are large. It makes sense though because there are more moving parts in an adjustable kettlebell.

When buying adjustable kettlebells, pay attention to the design, size, and shape of the kettlebell and imagine using it. Some things to take into consideration are:

  • A taller kettlebell is going to be heavier than a smaller kettlebell because the weight is farther from the body
  • A wider kettlebell or handle can lead to the weight hitting your leg

4. Material

This is my biggest thing to look for when buying any workout equipment. What is the product made of and how durable is it?

At the end of the day, we all want a product that won’t break and will last for a long time. The material used is the key factor in how long a product is going to last. Things to take into consideration:

  • Iron and steel are the best and will last longer than any other
  • Plastic clamps or weights can become damaged over time
  • Sand can escape over time making sand weights lighter

Benefits of Exercising with Kettlebells

Advantages of Adjustable Kettlebells vs Standard Kettlebells

1. Less Space and Less Mess

One of the best advantages of an adjustable kettlebell compared to a standard kettlebell is the space you will save. With normal kettlebells, you will need space for each weight. With an adjustable kettlebell, you are able to store multiple kettlebells in the space that 1 kettlebell will take up.

Not only will adjustable kettlebells save space but they will keep your space clean. Having one kettlebell to move and put back is a lot easier to manage than having multiple to put up and organize.

2. Cost-Saving

Buying an adjustable kettlebell will save you money compared to buying the same weights in standard kettlebells. On average, a standard kettlebell costs around $2 per pound, while the adjustable kettlebells are around $1 a pound.

Some of the adjustable kettlebells have the ability to be used with other equipment like dumbbells or can use universal weight plates. This will save money that would have been used on buying extra-weight plates.

A few adjustable kettlebells don’t use normal materials like metal. They use bags, fiberglass, and sand instead. The cost of these kettlebells is under $50, which would be equal to the cost of a lightweight standard kettlebell.

3. Multiple Users

Finding equipment that works perfectly for 1 user is a difficult task on its own. Doing this for multiple people can be even more difficult because different users will use different weights for multiple exercises.

Like I mentioned above, the adjustable kettlebell will save space. With multiple users, it may take a set of 10 kettlebells to meet the needs of 2 exercisers, while 2 adjustable kettlebells will meet those same needs and take up less space.

It will also be cheaper to buy 2 adjustable kettlebells compared to buying the same amount of weight in 10 traditional kettlebells.

4. Faster Workouts

When working out with traditional equipment, you pick one or two kettlebells up at a time and head to your workout space. Once you’re done working out you head back and put them back up and grab new weights and repeat. Think about how much time you wasted walking back and forth to grab new weights.

Instead of wasting time picking up and putting back traditional kettlebells, an adjustable kettlebell allows you to change your weight on the fly without interrupting your workout.

5. Progression

To continue improving and progressing in building strength you will need to increase resistance. A single traditional kettlebell will only get you so far in building strength.

An adjustable kettlebell will allow you to progress in not just 1 exercise but multiple exercises because of the weight variation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are adjustable kettlebells any good?

An adjustable kettlebell is just as good, if not better than a traditional kettlebell. The adjustable kettlebell will do the same as a traditional kettlebell but will take up less space, less time, and cost less than a traditional kettlebell.

Can you get ripped with just kettlebells?

In my opinion, the kettlebell is the best strength equipment to use to get ripped. Getting ripped involves a combination of burning calories and building strength. Most kettlebell exercises involve multiple muscle groups. The more muscle groups you use when exercising the higher number of calories that are burned while also building muscle.

How heavy should the kettlebell be?

The weight of the kettlebell depends mostly on the exercise routine. When performing exercises that use only the leg muscles, you will be able to lift a heavier kettlebell (20lbs to 40 lbs). Exercises that involve arms movements (curls and presses) need to be lighter (under 20 lbs). I recommend beginner exercisers staying under 20 lbs until they perfect the form on most kettlebell exercises.

Who makes the best kettlebells?

Bowflex makes the best adjustable kettlebells. The kettlebell doesn’t look like a normal kettlebell completely but it’s close enough. What separates it from the rest is the quick adjustability, weight range from 10 lbs to 40 lbs, and the high-quality material. This kettlebell is perfect for any home gym.

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